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SMM website promotion in social networks “VKontakte», Facebook, Instagram in order to increase the loyalty of the target audience to your brand, trademark or company. Our specialists will develop an effective SMM-strategy for the implementation of the tasks of any complexity.

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attracting the target audience in the most popular social network
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302% increase in traffic to the website
2989 subscriptions on Facebook within 6 months
282% increase in visitors’ involvement
230% increase in visitors’ involvement
190% increase in organic traffic to the website
94 unique materials published

Popular questions about SMM

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is considered one of the most effective tools in the website promotion, increasing loyalty and trust of the audience to your brand, trademark or institution. Publication of useful content in social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, posting information about promotions and special offers for customers, will increase the "response" of the target audience.

Development of a clear action plan is the key to successful promotion. We form a plan for promotion in social networks for the week, month and trimester and adjust it according to your wishes.

Before we offer an effective solution for your business, we need to conduct a thorough analysis of the specific features and advantages of your company, target audience requests.

If your target audience is young people in Russian-speaking countries from 14 to 21 years, then "Vkontakte" is your best choice. Facebook is better suited for English-speaking audience who are focused on businessmen, startuppers and employees of IT-companies.

Social Network is a channel of communication with the target audience. The more channels you will involve to communicate with potential customers, the more effective SMM-strategy will be.

High-level SMM-specialist does not promise "Golden Mountains" and does not develop a strategy to promote your website in social networks in five minutes. He needs time to analyze the specifics of your business and choose the most effective tools of interaction with the target audience.

The main indicator is the response from the audience: "likes", reposts and subscriptions to your group in "VKontakte», Facebook and Instagram.

Our answer is “yes”. The main target audience in "VKontakte" is young people aged between 12 and 32 years old. They prefer entertainment content. Users from 21 to 45 years choose Facebook. This platform is more suitable for the realization of business goals.

Pay attention to the frequency of publications in social networks, their type and quality. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the content, you can always discuss them with the TrendLine specialists.

SMM is an important part of complex promotion. It attracts the attention of the target audience and increases its loyalty to your company.

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Promotion in social networks

76% of users use social networks to get the latest news, thoroughly examine the offer of brands and business entities. If you want to develop another channel of communication with potential customers, order the promotion in social networks in TrendLine company!

SMM-promotion: the main stages

Development of an effective SMM promotion strategy in TrendLine includes four stages:

  1. Studying the specifics of your business

In order to prepare an effective plan of promotion in social networks, we need to learn carefully the specifics, features and priorities of your business niche in general and your company in particular. Next, we make a portrait of your potential customer (sex, age, priorities, interests, hobbies) and select the type of publications that will get maximum response from your target audience.

If you have no group on Facebook, Vkontakte or Instagram, we register the community and start working with the target audience.

  1. Drawing up a strategy

The second step of website promotion in social networks is the development of a publications plan for a certain period of time: a week, a month and trimester. Our SMM-specialist forms a content strategy himself and conciliates the final version with you.

  1. Publication of posts

We place the posts in social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram) with a specified frequency and communicate with visitors of thematic communities.

  1. Reporting

Every month you receive a detailed report on the results of our work with the assessment of statistics and ideas to improve the content strategy.

What kind of bonuses will you get by entrusting the promotion of groups to TrendLine experts?

Group promotion in social networks should not be underestimated: you will be able to implement a comprehensive range of business goals with it:

  • to expand the client base: active communication with the followers of a thematic community brings your relationship to a new level. The trust to you rises; the advertisements in your group are not alarming and do not arouse suspicion;
  • to attract new customers: with the help of the community it will not be difficult to expand the base of “cold” customers. Sending friends of your followers a link to a community you can find new clients literally in 30-40 minutes;
  • to change the image of the brand, company, sales network: SMM-services will help you change the established opinion about your company quickly and painlessly. Show that you want to be a good friend for every customer, and customers’ loyalty to your brand will increase rapidly;
  • to follow the current trends: it will only take a couple of clicks to find out what approaches of the work with the target audience are the most relevant.

How to order the promotion of social groups in our company?

To apply for SMM-promotion in Kiev, Kharkov, Ukraine with us, please call TrendLine managers or use the callback service on our website.

Entrust working with social networks to the competent experts of TrendLine!