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What is SEO?

Website promotion is a complex of measures aimed at website promotion on the Web: the expansion of the target audience, increasing conversion and the rapid rise of the position of the web resource in the search engines according to the key queries of users.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

Pay Per Click

Quick start at a relatively high price of the click

TOP of search engine results

The effect is noticeable after 3-4 months while the cost of transition to a website is much lower

SEO promotion allows your website to make a lodgement in the TOP of search engine results according to the needed queries and increase website traffic with target visitors

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Benefits of SEO promotion
Increasing brand awareness
Increasing conversion
Growth of website traffic
Engaging the target audience
TOP Google and Yandex results
Prices for SEO services
by position
Suitable for: corporate websites, catalogs
by traffic
Suitable for: catalogs, online stores, portals
The price includes


SEO and the technical website audit

The development of technical specifications for internal optimization and software improvements


Monitoring of the competitive environment

Analysis of competitors' websites, their main indicators and parameters


Expansion of the semantic kernel for the project

Selection and distribution of semantic groups on landing pages


Internal website optimization

Formation of metatags based on the semantic core. Writing texts for the promoted pages. Optimization of titles.


Connection to Google and Yandex webmasters panel

Obtaining data of the service, allowing to monitor the website with the "eyes" of the search robot


Installing Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica

Conducting high-quality and deep analysis of the website, user behavior, traffic quality control


Registration in the Google Places and Yandex Places

Enhancing credibility of users and search engines to your address in Google Maps and Yandex Maps


External website optimization

Analysis of the current link mass. Preparation of strategy for placement/buying links. The initial placement of links.


Filling a web resource with content

Placing texts on the promoted website pages


Link promotion

Purchasing links according to the reference mass building strategy


Expansion of semantic core for the project

Selection of new keywords for thematic categories and subcategories of the website



Providing a detailed report on the work done and its results


Link promotion

Purchasing links according to the reference mass building strategy


Optimization of the current link mass

The reference mass building strategy adjustment (if necessary)


Analysis of the dynamics of website promotion

Promotion strategy adjustment based on key objectives and the interim results



Providing a detailed report on the work done and its results


Support and improvement of website positions

Analysis of SEO indicators of the website and implementation of the strategy to improve its position in search engines


Increasing of targeted traffic on the website

Promotion of the website in search engines and the growth of the number of new unique visitors


Optimization of the link mass

Purchasing new links and link mass analysis



Providing a detailed report on the work done and the results achieved over a certain period of time

Successfully implemented cases

Our projects inspire, please and bring profit to customers

99 queries in progress
121% visibility of the website
83% of the queries in the Top 10
60% of the queries in the Top 3
10% of the queries in the Top 10
185% growth of the organic traffic

We are trusted

We have developed 2 websites with TrendLine. We use the promotion services for the sixth year, thereby are in Top 10 and Top 3 for several years.



Director Sherwood

We got acquainted with the work of TrendLine ordering services of SEO-promotion. During the time of cooperation we received a lot of useful advice on the content of the website and its structure. We were satisfied with the services so we decided to expand cooperation on contextual advertising and targeted advertising in social networks.



marketing manager Raben

In the framework of cooperation in SEO-promotion TrendLine specialists conducted internal optimization of our website and worked actively with our programmer, provided qualified assistance and made recommendations. We continue to work together.



Director Formula for Success

Popular questions about SEO

If you want your website to work and make a profit, you need SEO optimization. With its help you will gain top rankings in search engines, attract new customers, increase trust and loyalty of the target audience to your company.

Along with the concept of SEO optimization, the "website promotion" term can be found on the web. This is a broader concept implying an integrated approach. It includes not only the promotion in search engines, but also the development of PPC and banner advertising and popularization of the website in forums and social networks.

The website audit (detailed analysis of the web resource) will allow finding out the strengths and weaknesses of your website. By eliminating the shortcomings, we can significantly improve the results of SEO promotion.

It is necessary to expand the customer base and increase traffic to your website. The truth is that 70% of users do not go beyond the first page in the search engines. Only the first 10 positions on which they go to the website, get in their view. Getting your website into the Top 10 will increase the flow of visitors and will bring your business to a whole new level.

Final price of the promotion depends on two main factors: competition and the number of queries promoted. After analyzing these parameters TrendLine specialists will form the exact cost of the service.

SEO promotion is a lengthy process: a period of time required to achieve the goal depends on its size and ranges from 4 to 12 months.

Everything depends on the competitiveness of the key queries, domain history and other related factors. The first significant result can be seen in six months.

Nowadays there are plenty of blogs, articles and videos about website promotion in the web but they are made for professionals who already have an extensive knowledge base and experience in the optimization of web resources. You can promote the website on your own, but it is likely that as a result of your actions website will be excluded from index, i.e. it will disappear from the search engine. Always remember that "buy nice or buy twice".

Each month SEO optimizers of TrendLine provide detailed reports on the work done and the results achieved in website promotion.

Honest and "transparent" methods are, in order to achieve high and stable result. If you use the "black" and "gray" methods, there’s a possibility to exclude the website from the search engines index. We are "pro" the promotion of the web resource by writing helpful and informative articles, posting materials about your website on trusted thematic portals, improving the quality of the whole website.

The main stages of cooperation

1. Request

You fill out and send a form on our website

2. Consultation

Our manager will contact you and discuss the main details of the project

3. Proposal

You get a proposal in which the price and the time of delivery of the project are specified

4. Contract

We sign a formal contract and begin to work on the project

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SEO promotion in TrendLine

If the website is in the top 10 in Yandex and Google, it ensures the influx of new customers and sales and profits growth. Our team will help to achieve this goal by providing quality SEO promotion.

SEO promotion: the main stages

SEO optimization is a complex process. It involves phased implementation of effective methods, essential for website search promotion on the Internet:

  • semantic core creation: our experts will pick up key search queries for the landing pages, thematic categories and sections of your website;
  • content optimization: preparation of useful, informative and interesting texts containing the key words and phrases;
  • Working with meta tags: filling meta descriptions of title, description, keywords, h1, h2 for increasing the relevancy of landing pages;
  • preparing a robots.txt file, which specifies the rules for dealing with your web property in different search engines;
  • creating a site map for quick and full indexation of landing pages;
  • web resource pages innerlinking: this method is required for website optimization – unification of the web resource pages, and “directing” the user to other web platform pages;
  • usability: improving menu structure for user convenience;
  • preparing of unique content: search engine applies “without suspicion” to the articles where key words and phrases are harmoniously included. Website promotion in Google, Yandex and other search engines will become more productive with their help;
  • Website registration in Google Webmaster and Yandex. Webmaster: adding and configuring of your website in the search “engines”;
  • addresses and maps: an important step of website promotion in Kharkov, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. Adding contact addresses contributes to a better extradition in the search engines;
  • external reference ranging: buying thematic links to the promoted pages;
  • competitor website analysis: this method is considered one of the most effective in SEO optimization. With it, we will determine the strengths and weaknesses in the promotion and advancement of the TOP companies’ website, and form the most efficient search engine optimization plan for your website based on them;
  • purchasing link mass for increasing web platform position in the search engine.

Duration of website promotion in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine depends on the business goals scale: increasing traffic, putting web-project to top positions in the search engines, increasing conversion. Our experts will carefully examine your requirements and create an optimum plan of website promotion at a price acceptable to you.

The cost of SEO promotion in TrendLine

Prices for website promotion in our company depend on a variety of factors:

  1. Competition and region

The cost of website promotion for a large construction company from Kiev and for an online shop selling household goods from Chernigov will differ significantly. The competition is tougher in the first sector, and accordingly, the cost of the website promotion will be higher.

  1. Website condition

Before creating a complete list of services for website promotion, we conduct SEO audit to identify web platform “weak points”. It can be non-unique texts, unusable menu or a failed design. Solving problems requires additional investments.

  1. Number of requests promoted

If there are high-demand keywords in your keyword list, the price of optimization will be higher.

  1. The current position of the website

The closer your website is to the coveted top ten in the search engines, the more democratic the promotion price will be.

Promotion with TrendLine: key advantages

Experience and professionalism. We entrust the strategy of web project promotion in search engines to a team of professionals who have successfully implemented more than 180 projects.

Reasonable price. We clarify every expenditure item on SEO optimization of a corporate website, online shop or landing page.

Guaranteed result. Our team selects the proven methods of promotion that will help realize the goal.

You can order website promotion by phone: 0-800-755-775.