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PPC advertising

Powerful sales tool: launching it on the landing pages, you will provoke interest in your company, trademark or brand, attract new customers and increase the level of sales. Our experts will launch a bright, stylish and high-quality contextual advertising, taking into account the specifics of your business

How does the PPC advertising look?


PPC on Google looks like this

Potential customers will see your ad when they are looking for a similar product, service or offer in Google


PPC in Yandex looks like this

A short advertising message with the keywords and your contact details

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Benefits of PPC


Flexible budget




Precise targeting


Fast optimization




Tracking of parameters

The cost of PPC

Google Adwords
Setup and maintaining the campaign
Setup and maintaining the campaign
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What do we do


Monitoring the current position of your website

We perform a website audit to find out the cause of its unpopularity in the network and to eliminate the problems


Collecting keywords semantics

We select commercial queries that will attract the attention of your target audience


Setting targeting

We make a portrait of a potential customer


Calculating budget

We select the thematic platforms that will bring profit and competently distribute finances


Monthly audit

We analyze how effective the advertising campaign is and continuously make changes to improve its performance


Search for new solutions

We will implement new techniques to ensure that your ads bring maximum profit

Cases of our partners

Our projects inspire, please and bring profit to customers

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8,68% CTR (click-through rate)
240% increase in sales
580% increase in website visitors
7,97% CTR (click-through rate)
208 keywords in the work
320% increase in website visitors

Popular questions about PPC

Contextual advertising is a text ad shown to the user when moving to thematic pages in case he showed interest in the goods, services and stocks and intends to make an order.

The advertisement consists of a header, link, landing page text and additional information about your company, like address or telephone number.

Contextual advertising is designed for the target audience which not only showed interest in your company, product or service, but is also ready to take action. So, the response to contextual advertising is higher. At the same time you pay not only for displaying ads, but for particular user actions specified in the contract. Doubtless advantage of contextual advertising is that you can clearly define the parameters of the target audience: age, country of residence, gender and interests, and fully adjust to these indicators in the preparation of the ad.

CTR (Click Through Ratio) is an indicator which indicates the ratio of clicks on the advertising offer and its impressions as well as determine the final cost of a click.

After agreeing on the key words and the formation of the strategy of an advertising campaign we need only 1 working day for contextual advertising to appear in search engines and on thematic websites.

Profitable contextual advertising is a harmonious synthesis of "killing" title, profitable offers and the lay out of all the components.

If the title will attract attention and the text will contain answers to questions of potential customers, the response to that ad will be maximized.

PPC is more effective and it is designed for users who are willing to buy a product or use your company's services.

We have a professional team that knows how a profitable and high-quality advertising campaign looks like. We will prepare advertising for key queries and will select a catchy headline.

It's simple: users’ clicks, conversions to the website, product and services orders play the key role.

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Configuring PPC in TrendLine

You have advertising but it is not profitable? It is time to take decisive measures and order the context advertising configuration in TrendLine. Our experts will study the specifics of your business and will set up a context advertising which will expand the target audience, increase sales and profit for your company.

Creating PPC campaign: main stages

If you have a bad experience in launching and configuration of advertising messages broadcasted by the search engines and specialized websites, come to us. We will not only fix existing bugs, but also carry out PPC configuration by all the rules in five stages:

  1. Monitoring of the current positions

In the first stage our specialists will conduct fundamental work: learn the specifics of your business, perform a site audit, examine the priorities and aspirations of the target audience “under the microscope”. In the end, we will prepare a detailed report, in which we point out the weak and strong points of your business and form an advertising strategy that will give excellent results.

  1. Collection of semantic kernel

Selection of key words and phrases, that will interest a potential customer, is a solid foundation for future campaign! You give users what they are looking for. In this case, it is much easier to encourage them to take action: to buy goods or order services.

  1. Setting targeting

This determines how successful the advertising campaign will be. We recommend providing a maximum of information about your potential customer, his sex, age, interests and priorities. Based on this information, we will create effective PPC campaign.

  1. Budget calculation

Configuring PPC advertising in Google Adwords and Yandex Direct is impossible without competent distribution of money. We need to consider the profitable web platforms, determine the frequency of ads broadcasting, consider factors such as seasonality and newsworthiness, that warms up the interest of the target audience and encourage them to buy.

  1. Preparation of monthly reports

We keep the statistics of clicks and visiting of the site to quickly identify weaknesses and eliminate them. At the end of the month we send you a detailed report in which we share our ideas to improve the PPC advertising configuring in Google Adwords or Yandex Direct, remarketing on the Adwords and other options.

Five reasons to order PPC advertising

  1. To study and understand the tastes, priorities and aspirations of potential customers better.
  2. To get the sales channel that will make your brand more relevant and popular.
  3. To increase profits.
  4. To establish control over the development of your business.
  5. Not to depend on the geolocation (PPC advertising broadcasts not only in Kharkov, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, but also on foreign web resources).

Cooperation with TrendLine: main bonuses for customers

Efficiency. We highly appreciate the time of each customer, so we offer launching PPC advertising in short period of time.

Professionalism. The pride of TrendLine – is a strong, close-knit and professional team. You can no doubt that that the development of large-scale advertising campaign is in good hands.

Loyal prices. We are constantly monitoring the prices offered by our competitors and compare them with a range of services. We managed to find a “middle ground”: reasonable prices and high quality of services offered.

If you want to order PPC advertising with us, please call the phone numbers listed on the website or draw up an application online. Our managers will contact you to discuss the further plan of action.

It’s time to make a step towards success and financial prosperity with us!